Be a real Audio Engineer in a real recording studio
...not a classroom. 

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The creative minds at Jambox Entertainment are always searching to offer a better recording, audio engineering, and learning experience. Over the last 13 years, we’ve done just that, creating a multitude of success stories, partnerships, friendships, and alliances along the way.


And now… AET just got better...


AET Interactive – Audio Engineering Mentorship

Our AET Interactive mentorship packages are created to enhance your technical audio engineering skills, knowledge, fundamental, and advanced industry recording techniques, while creating some of your best music ever!

For over half a century, artists have been sitting back and watching the music producer and audio engineer work and run the session. Usually this ends with a mixed bag of results because of the artists’ limited involvement in the entire recording process.


Well good news! That all changes with AET Interactive.
AET Interactive’s goal is to blur the line between artist and engineer.

We accomplish this by our exclusive one on one hands-on mentoring approach.

             With our programs, you’ll get to work with all of our mentors who’ll all bring their own unique approach to the table. You’ll also get to work in all of our recording studios. You’ll spend a major amount of time in our studio, recording hands on, making beats, and learning your way around as you go.

You will be asked to createa project consisting of 1 or more songs written, produced, and recorded by the one and only...YOU...of course you'll have the comfort of knowing that your chief engineer/mentor is there to guide and assist you every step of the way!

The result is simply a much more studio savvy you


AET Interactive is a totally hands-on studio experience being offered at JAMBOX Recording Studios in Midtown Manhattan. guhj
With our AET music network, all members including members from abroad can stay in touch, and share their music, video, and accomplishments.

Can YOU answer these five simple audio questions?
Take the AET short Quiz
1. What is the difference between mixing and mastering?
2. What is stereo imaging?
3. What type of mic should you use to record a vocal?
4. What is a compressor/limiter? Do I need one?
5. Is it better to mix your musi c at loud or soft volume levels?
Learn the answers to these...
and all of your other audio engineering questions!
AET's session packages have become an international Global favorite.
We've shared our magic with clients from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe. North & South America,
We gladly welcome aspiring knowledge hungry interactive clients from around the world.

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